The 10 Best Beaches and Coves in Ibiza

In addition to its lively nightlife, Ibiza also stands out for the quality of its beaches and coves. We recommend renting a car to visit some of the best Ibiza has to offer.

Here is our ranking of the best 10 beaches and coves on the island:

1. Cala Salada

Located to the north of San Antonio, this is the best and most beautiful cove in Ibiza, a destination preferred by many residents and owners of small, motor boats, because no  boats loaded with tourists stop here.

Cala Salada is small and sandy, surrounded by hills full of pine trees, and divided in two by a rocky ledge. You have to cross these rocks to get to the next cove, Cala Saladeta, a very small cove, even more beautiful than Cala Salada.

The waters of Cala Salada are turquoise, clean and calm, an ideal place to swim and snorkel in peace and quiet.

It goes without saying that this beautiful cala is not only considered one of the best in Ibiza, but also ranks in «The 10 best beaches in Spain».

2. Cala d´Hort

Cala d’Hort is a narrow, sandy beach, with crystal clear, calm waters which make it a sure candidate for the Top Ten Best Beaches. It’s here that you’ll enjoy views over the mysterious island of Es Vedrà, which is only a few hundred metres from the shore.

3. Cala Conta

Located in the west of Ibiza, Cala Conta beach is about 800 metres long, with rocks on either side of a sandy beach that can be accessed through steps carved into the rocks. Its crystal clear, calm and multicoloured waters make swimming in Cala Conta unforgettable, one of the best coves in Ibiza.

In this cove you’ll find the Ashram restaurant, very famous for watching the sun setting.

4. Benirrás

Located 10 minutes from San Miguel and one of the best known, best beaches in Ibiza. To get there you will have to drive along a road between hills and valleys, which makes the route beautiful, as well as fun.

Benirrás is a small sandy cove with lots of charm, surrounded by pine-covered hills. The rocks, which serve as the limit of the beach, are an ideal place for snorkeling.

In addition, Cala Benirrás is a meeting point for hippies, who with their drums turn the sunset into one of the most beautiful and special in the world.

5. Es Cavallet

Located in the Ses Salines Nature Reserve, it’s an undeveloped beach, considered one of the most picturesque and inviting beaches in Ibiza, as well as one of the best nudist beaches in Spain.

Wild and natural, protected by sand dunes and a green belt of mounds, when the East wind blows, its great waves make it an ideal area for experienced surfers.

We can divide the beach into several sections; The first section, the one closest to the car park, has two exclusive restaurants visited by celebrities; the second section is a totally nudist zone;and the third section is the gay beach par excellence of Ibiza, which in summer becomes an obligatory meeting point for gays from around the world. At the end of the beach, there’s a beach bar (Chiringay) with disco music and cocktails, achieving a party atmosphere throughout the day.

In addition, it’s a beach very close to Hotel Garbi, so you will have it at your fingertips during your vacation.

6. Cala Bassa

Considered one of the loveliest and finest beaches in Ibiza, Cala Bassa is a genuine natural pool with calm, turquoise and shallow waters, making it an ideal place for practicing water sports.

Surrounded by a lush forest of junipers, pines and tamarinds, where you’ll find numerous places to rest in the shade, away from the suffocating heat. The visitors to this cala, of about 250 metres long, are usually families or young people looking for relaxation, as  well as the three restaurants.

7. Cala Jondal

Cala Jondal, with its crystal clear waters, is in an unspoiled environment of pine trees and cliffs. For the most part it’s covered in boulders instead of sand, however once you enter the water the seabed will be sandy.

Cala Jondal is one of the best and most fashionable beaches in Ibiza due to its famous Beach Clubs among which is the famous Blue Marlin.

8. Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas is a favourite beach among the island’s residents. Protected by high granular cliffs of a striking colour, the surroundings are pristine, giving a spectacular effect. The beach is fine, soft golden sand, and the seabed is also sandy, but with some scattered rocks, so be careful.

It’s an official nudist beach but still quite mixed, some go naked, others do not. And don’t be alarmed if you see people walking around covered in reddish mud, adding a little water to the mud from the cliffs forms a paste that’s very beneficial for the skin.

9. Sa Caleta

The cala of Sa Caleta, also known as Es Bol Nou, is a small cove about 100 metres long located on the south of the island of Ibiza. It’s considered one of the best coves in Ibiza, being a quiet place, ideal for families.

The cove boasts a small restaurant and even though it gets crowded, it deserves a visit due to the clean, crystalline waters, and the sensational scenery you can see from the sea, as the cove is located at the foot of cliffs.

10. Playa d´en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa, with its 2 kms long sands, is the longest and best known beach on the island, considered one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza. this is where you’ll find all kinds of water activities and services, restaurants and music venues such as the well-known Bora Bora, the Sirocco, and also Chill Garbi, which are somewhat more relaxed and serve excellent meals.

Lots of the young people begin to visit Playa d’en Bossa around 5:00 pm, the time at which places like Bora Bora open their doors to play their part in Ibiza’s partying.

There are many other beaches and coves to enjoy in Ibiza, the following are some more you should consider during your trip around the island:

  • Las Salinas, the so-called celebrities beach, beautiful but very busy.
  • Cala Carbó is one of the best coves in Ibiza. A small, quiet cove with a stony seabed.
  • Cala Boix is not one of Ibiza’s best beaches, but thanks to its location and its complicated access it’s a quiet beach and never crowded.
  • Cala Vedella, located in a quiet sea inlet in the southwest of the island, is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters bordered by rocky walls that protect bathers from wind and waves.

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