Seven tips to disconnect on your vacation in Ibiza

Seven tips to disconnect on your vacation in Ibiza

Are you one of those who is connected to a mobile 24/7 for work reasons? Do your boss’s whatsapps interrupt your dinner? Do you answer emails from customers from the beach?

If your inner voice has answered yes, either because you consider yourself a workaholic or because you feel obliged to always be available, attentive: disconnecting is essential.

Today, we leave with you seven tips for disconnecting on your holidays in Ibiza.

1. Finish all tasks before the holidays

Leaving everything perfectly tied up will help you disconnect more easily. In this way, you won’t be thinking about the things you have left pending for your return. So get to work now and finish those tasks you have left to do!

2. Take the opportunity to do other things

This time of year is the perfect time to read or enjoy things that you don’t usually do in your daily routine. It’s time to disconnect. Take a nap, go for long walks or just do nothing.

3. A good rest is very important

The holiday period should be a good time to take care of our health and rest plays a crucial role in this. Sleep is part of this holiday disconnection, so make sure you.

4. Enjoy your family and friends

Collect happy moments and not selfies. Enjoy talking with your family and friends, laughing, so that those moments are forever recorded in your mind and not on your mobile. It’s time to live!

5. No schedules

Rushing and dashing about are over. Changing the pace is important for disconnecting. Throughout the year we get up early, we follow a routine, we are rushing … but the holidays are a time to slow down and leave the rushing out. Ibiza, at this time of year, is the perfect island for enjoying a leisurely pace on vacation.

6. Digital disconnection

Technology is a great ally in our day to day, but on vacation it can become your enemy. You can be informed but surely you don’t need to check what happens in the world every 10 minutes. The good thing about Ibiza is that in some parts of the island you’ll have no coverage, and even if you don’t believe it, this disconnection will make you feel great.

7. Do not be a slave to your mobile

Having the phone in your pocket often implies receiving calls, WhatsApp messages, or emails. If you do not want to forget about it completely, leave it at your hotel so you can check it at the end of the day and you will not be tempted to look at it all the time.

Ready to enjoy a disconnected vacation?