What to do out of season in Ibiza?

What to do out of season in Ibiza?

Those of us who live in Ibiza have the privilege of savouring two sides of the same coin 365 days a year. Because Ibiza is nature, culture, gastronomy and tradition.

We often say it, but Ibiza is much more than parties and beaches. Today, we propose ten different ways to get the most out of the cooler days on the White Island.

1. Discover each and every corner of Dalt Vila

Autumn and even winter mornings are perfect for strolling round Dalt Vila. During the summer it is too hot, and the streets are full of tourists. So this time of year is ideal for taking long, peaceful walks in this area.

2. Magic sunsets

The famous Ibizan sunsets are even more beautiful in winter, because during the summer it is not unusual for the sun to be hidden by mist in its last hours. The show awaits you.

3. Hiking trails

Hiking enthusiasts will make the end of the summer season their favourite time of the year. Cooler temperatures favour jaunts throughout the island. If you feel like discovering new parts of Ibiza, this is the best time of the year to try out new routes around the island.

4. Gastronomy

In the Ibizan gastronomy, such abundant dishes as bullit de peix or Arroz de matanzas stand out, perfect for gatherings with family or friends, lasting until the afternoon. Many traditional Ibizan restaurants open during the winter, although you will also find different options to eat in by the sea.

5. Bicycle routes

Low season coincides with the ideal time for cycling. In Ibiza there are several routes that offer landscapes of exceptional beauty, some through the interior of the island and some near the coast.

6. Discover the history of Ibiza through its museums

The museums of Ibiza contain endless stories waiting to be revealed. Take advantage of the coldest days of the year to do cultural tourism. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE), the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera, the Puget Museum… Ibiza is home to many more museums and art centres than it would seem.

7. On route through the white villages

Santa Gertrudis, San Carlos, Es Cubells, San Josep… The squares and streets of the small Ibizan villages are full of charm. Having a drink in their bars, walking or sitting in the squares is a pleasure after the summer season, when the atmosphere is more authentic.

8. Pintxos and tapas in the centre of Ibiza

Bars filled with tempting pintxos are increasingly fashionable in Ibiza’s centre. Visiting one after another until completing the pintxo route could become a weekly winter ritual. In this post we’ll  tell you which are our favourites.

9. Solitary beaches

If the beaches and coves of Ibiza seem spectacular in summer, in winter you’ll think you are in the best paradise. Completely crystalline waters, clean sand and absolute calm. It is the best time to enjoy places like Salinas beach, Aguas Blancas, Cala Conta or Cala Saladeta, (among many others) that during the summer are crowded with tourists.

10. The best photographs of the island

If you are passionate about photography, this is your moment. During autumn, winter, and above all, spring, Ibiza offers its best images: bright colours, lonely landscapes, film set mists, and that light that characterizes it so much. What if it rains? Do not stay in your hotel on rainy days. Take a good umbrella and go out to enjoy the island.

Ready to get the most out of  the island in winter?