It's your first time in Ibiza, it's the journey you've been dreaming of for so long and that makes you so happy.

Our mission is to help you see what is really worthwhile, so that you can leave the tourist circuits where you’ll see everyone with the same guide book in hand.

There’s nothing similar on the market, it’s not a guide like Lonely Planet or any other, it’s something different.

What is Ibiza Slow?

The idea is to visit the most relaxed spots on the island. Where we’ll explain step by step what to do and what to discover, so you can forget guides and blogs and just worry about what to put in your suitcase.

What is Ibiza Foodie?

A guide to enjoying and finding the most foodie spots on the island. We'll start with breakfast at our favourite places, having a “kit-kat” in one of the most mythical bars for a snack. We'll have lunch enjoying a striking view. Marvel at the wonderful sunset, sipping an exquisite cocktail and visit authentic places to dine.

Can i print it or have it on my phone/tablet?

Of course. Once you fill in your information you can download the PDF file, containing the guides, directly to your computer and once there, you can print it and / or take it on your device so that it doesn’t take up space.

*100% of the content on our guides is unpublished and they have not appeared on our blog, they are our favorite secret places in Ibiza.