Decoration & lifestyle Route round Ibiza

Decoration & lifestyle Route round Ibiza

If it’s your thing to stroll round the decoration and lifestyle shops, this information will be of great value to you.

Today, we will show you our favourite decoration and lifestyle stores on the most bohemian island of the Balearic Islands, the magical Ibiza.

Las Dalias Market

In the 60s, the paradisiacal beauty of Ibiza attracted a large community of hippies and artists from around the world, who found the island the perfect place to create and express their art. Gradually, these artists began to meet to exchange and sell their work, thus the markets were born in Ibiza.

This market is a time machine, transporting you back to the 60s. Soak up the smell of incense, observe the looks designed by the artisans, enjoy the Mediterranean creations, enjoy a natural juice breakfast while listening to DJs playing at ten in the morning.

You’ll find many curious things from original clothes, Mediterranean crafts, necklaces of all shapes and colours, records that you wouldn’t find elsewhere, unique decorative items, handmade shoes, as well as a lot of products made in Ibiza or imported from far away places like India or Bali.

And for Foodie Hippies there are endless options. From a Food Truck next to a concert to a restaurant offering  fusion cuisine from around the world, a tapas bar, several beverage bars, a bar of natural and slush juices, another with homemade pizzas, a beautiful Berber jaima where you can taste teas and sweets and the Soul Bar, where the market’s  DJs play.

Las Dalias is much more than a market, it is the true Ibiza. A place trapped in time that should never lose that essence that makes it unique and special.

Address:  Carretera San Carlos, Km. 12

Sluiz Decoration & Lifestyle Store

The Sluiz store is a new concept of creative design and pure fun. It is located near Santa Gertrudis and is a perfect mix of madness, passion and design.

Here you’ll find dinnerware, chandeliers, suitcases, furniture, shoes, clothes, jewelry … everything you can imagine! A concept created by Yvonne and Hans, a Dutch couple who also design a good part of the products they sell.

There might be gasoline cans converted into suitcases or furniture made from recycled wood, clothes of brands impossible to find in Ibiza, premium mineral waters from all over the world. A most original assortment, displayed in a creative shopping concept that breaks molds since 2006, the year the first store in Sant Josep opened, now closed.

The shop sits in the middle of a field, in an old barbecue restaurant of gigantic proportions, next to the Santa Gertrudis Road. Discover the whole range of Sluiz products, spread over different warehouses, as well as a bar-restaurant with a terrace and drinks area where you can enjoy the special atmosphere of this store.

A must visit if your thing is shopping.

Address: PM-804, s/n, Santa Gertrudis 

Es Cucons Decoration Boutique

In the centre of Santa Gertrudis lies a beautiful country house, over 300 years old and one of the first built in the village.

Inside, a beautiful shop with Mediterranean soul where you will find everything you are looking for. Fashion, accessories, decorative objects will capture your attention from the first minute.

Its fashion section displays all kinds of casual, typically, Ibizan style garments, as well as bags, swimsuits, bikinis and other options for the beach.

And if something catches the eye in this small, boutique shop, it’s the exquisite dinnerware on sale.

It is impossible to leave without buying at least one of these wonderful, handmade Ibizan treasures.

Address: Plaza de la Iglesia nº7, 07814 Santa Gertrudis 

Oliver Decoration and Lifestyle Store

Oliver is a charming decoration and lifestyle store located in the old town of Ibiza.

It never goes unnoticed. They sell a variety of carpets, earrings, clothes, plants and decor.

Without a doubt, if you go through the centre of Ibiza, an essential that will make you fall in love at first sight. 

Address: Carrer Pere Sala, 3

Cocoq Ibiza

Did you know that decorator Asun Antó has a shop in Ibiza? Cocoq Ibiza is that place with a point of madness that will make you understand decor as something unique and different.

This concept store is a new shopping experience in Ibiza with more than 40 spaces with everything from a gift detail, to an exclusive work of art, fashion or all the decor for your home.

Cocoq Ibiza is an evolution of the way home, interior design is created. A place with spark, with life. Things always happen … like in a house. A different space that seeks the essence of Ibiza in each piece of furniture and in each decorative element.

In addition, they have a gastrobar that merges the most avant-garde concept of finger food with signature skewers and a Gourmet shop with the best wines and delicatessen products.

Address: Ctra. Ibiza-Santa Eulalia Km. 6,2

If you’d like to discover more places like these, you can download our guide Ibiza Slow here.