Ibiza Slow. Ibiza’s Other Side

Ibiza Slow. Ibiza’s Other Side

Ibiza sounds of partying and electronics, it tastes like saltpeter and it smells of endless nights, but even if you don’t believe it, there is life far beyond Ushüaia and the rhythm of the frantic DJs.

When all this comes to an end, the island is appeased, as if it were a sleeping volcano, and its real state returns. The perfect moment for lovers of tranquility, the organic and of that hippie spirit that characterizes the island so much.

Today, we seek tranquility on the island of big parties; we hide in the leisurely rhythm that marked the country people’s lives. This is why Ibiza becomes now, even in the middle of the party season, a perfect destination for slow living, to discover in slow motion. A more authentic Ibiza, more attached to its roots, and above all quieter.

This is the other Ibiza, that still has the desire for calm and patience among the ‘drum & bass’ and electronic kamikaze. 

Beyond the partying, the noise and everything that this island is so well known for, there’s an Ibiza with a relaxed life, a slow life.

Start letting your hair down and relax. There’s a sound of Zen, isn’t there? Inevitably it’s like that. Nature, art and tradition end up imposing their law, silence.

When we think of paradise, we often imagine an infinite white, sandy beach bathed by a sea of turquoise waters, shaded by palm trees we only see in films. In Ibiza there is a lot of that paradise, of that peace.

Not everything is revelry until dawn. There is another side that many do not know about and that today we want to show you

A guide that you can download here, showing you the island’s relaxed lifestyle, away from the noise of all that Ibiza is famous for and that really has nothing to do with the bohemian essence of the island.

The slow concept of beaches and coves for resting on, specialist shops with a different rhythm, for living a relaxed life, places to practice yoga or outdoor activities, and of course, unique landscapes.

So many treasures to discover. The whole island is full of them. You just have to download our guide Ibiza Slow and start discovering them.

Welcome to Ibiza Slow. Press the pause button and start enjoying the calm island.