The gastronomic lifestyle guide. This is Ibiza Foodie.

Idyllic, paradisiacal and full of history, the white island is the island that makes you fall in love with it. The one that makes those who visit it for the first time think about returning because Ibiza opens its arms to the whole world and offers its climate, its beaches, its landscapes, its people, its freedom and, of course, its gastronomy on the beach, in historical places, in the middle of the countryside or under a starry sky.

Feel the luxury of eating natural products based on the fruits of sea and land. Enjoy the island’s peace, the feeling of freedom when you are served a rice with seafood on the sea front or when you have the pleasure of tasting the freshest fish.

In this guide we will enjoy, in its maximum splendour, the colours, flavours and textures of the most authentic, gastronomic Ibiza.

Native wine, olive oil, almonds, oranges, lemons, carobs, figs, avocados, as well as the delicious products provided by the small farms of sheep, goats and pigs.

Cuisine that is exceptional, that awakens all the senses and that deserves to be mentioned because, like that of any country in the world, it unites tradition, idiosyncrasy and personality typical of a region.

Welcome to Ibiza Foodie. Because travelling is also trying new flavours.


*100% of the content on this guide is unpublished and they have not appeared on our blog, they are our favorite secret places in Ibiza.

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