The slow lifestyle guide. This is Ibiza Slow.

Ibiza sounds like parties and electronics, tastes salty and smells of endless nights. But when all this ends, the island calms down and, like a sleeping volcano, returns to its real state. The perfect moment for those who love tranquility, things organic and that hippie spirit that characterizes the island.

Today, we look for peace on the island of big parties; we hide in the slow rhythm that marked the lives of the peasants. And that is why Ibiza now becomes, in full holiday season, a perfect destination for living slowly and discovering in slow motion.

This is the other Ibiza, the one that still keeps the desire to remain calm and patient between the ‘drum & bass’ and the kamikaze electronics.

Beyond the parties, the noise and everything well known about this island, there is an Ibiza with a relaxed life, a slow life.

In this guide we want to show you that relaxed, island  lifestyle, away from the noise, from the famous Ibiza, that really has nothing to do with the bohemian essence of the island.

The slow concept of beaches and coves for rest, special shops with a different rhythm for a relaxed lifestyle, places for yoga or outdoor activities, and of course, unique landscapes.

Welcome to Ibiza Slow. Hit the pause button and start enjoying the island of calm.


*100% of the content on this guide is unpublished and they have not appeared on our blog, they are our favorite secret places in Ibiza.

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